Appendix: UBC Digital Signage Glossary

Digital Signage

The term “digital signage” refers to an LCD or Plasma screen (flat panel TV) with an accompanying PC that provides graphics to be displayed on the screen

UBC Digital Signage Network

The UBC Digital Signage network is an integrated system of campus display screens that allows content to be shared easily among signage managers and provides the capacity to broadcast campus-wide communication from a central authority.

UBC Central Channel

The UBC Central Channel is a playlist of assets that have university-wide appeal. Content Managers subscribe to the playlist by incorporating it into their Unit Channel, or schedule the assets from the UBC Central Channel individually.

Unit Channel(s)

A department/unit can have its own specific channels that their nodes can tune-in to. Multiple nodes can tune into the same channel.


Visual content that has been created for and imported into the UBC Digital Signage network.


A play list is a collection of digital signage assets.

UBC Digital Signage Coordinator

Together with UBC Public Affairs and UBC IT, the Digital Signage Coordinator guides the strategic implementation of digital signage and content standards with content creators, content managers and units across the university.

Content Manager

The content manager is responsible for importing content into the UBC digital signage network and for ensuring that all content adheres to the content guidelines. They also manage their appropriate Unit Channel(s) and Playlists.

Content Creator

A Content Creator is any individual who creates content to be imported into the UBC Digital Signage network by a Content Manager. Content Creators are expected to familiarize themselves with, and follow, the content guidelines for UBC Digital Signage.

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